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Jonava Sports Arena

Jonava Sports Arena is a modern multipurpose sport center located next to Jonava city old town (total area - more than 6800 square meters, big parking lot next to it). Arena opened its doors on 22 02 2017, and since then has hosted many cultural, sports and educational events. This spring it will open its door to the aeromodelling community.
The main hall space is very well suited for F3P competition. Available seats for 2000 spectators. The Arena also has a 40-seat conference hall, spacious facilities for athletes and performers, a sauna and a hot tub. A Restaurant is open on the ground floor of the Arena, and there is also a VIP bar opened during the events.

Address: Zeimiu str. 17, Jonava 55141, Lithuania
Coordinates: 55.07675052088103, 24.273113712895867



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