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Steponas Darius, one of the co-founders of the Lietuvos aeroklubas, by LVG C.VI

NAC of Lithuania - LIETUVOS AEROKLUBAS (Aeroclub of Lithuania)

Lietuvos aeroklubas (LAK) was founded in 1927 by a group of military officers (one of them – future Transatlantic pilot Steponas Darius) supported by representatives of the government, business and famous artists.

In 1931 Lithuanian Aero Club was accepted by International Aeronautics Federation - FAI, in 1936 entered the International Gliding Commission ISTUS, which cooperated closely with FAI.

The goal of LAK was not only the flying, but also popularization of aviation, informing the general public about aviation and its achievements. In 1928 the first LAK President Gen. S. Žukauskas retired and the new President Prof. Z. Žemaitis was elected. He successfully leaded the activities of LAK until the Soviet occupation of Lithuania and LAK"s liquidation in 1940.

LAK expanded its activities from a few aircraft pilots training in the beginning to development of gliding and aeromodelling, organizing aviation promotion days and air shows, publishing of aviation books and periodicals. In some years the sections of LAK in other Lithuanian cities, such as Panevežys, Zarasai, Ukmergė were formed by local enthusiasts.

On 15th of June 1940 an Soviet army invaded into Lithuania. All flying activities of Lithuanian civil and military aircraft were forbidden. In 1958, April, aviation athletes gathered and decided to establish public organisation called Aeroclub of Lithuania.

At the moment Aeroclub of Lithuania unites aviation sports federations (aerobatic flying, aerobatic gliding, amateur built aircraft, aeromodelling, general aviation, hang-gliding and paragliding, ultralight aircraft, gliding, kids gliding and ballooning national sport federations) and federation of aviation veterans.



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